Sunday, May 08, 2005

Programmer Productivity and Economic Rewards

In the last few months it has come to my attention that programmers can improve their productivity by astronomical percentage gains. I will follow in another article how these gains and what gains can come about. It follows then that the following conjectures may well be in-line (note these are conjectures and assumptions not proven facts)

If Software is one of the major areas where productivity gains can be astronomical as opposed to other careers, then the potential there is for unlimited monetary gains. Software may be one of the few areas where economic profits are possible long-term. Economic profits typically become zero due to competition. But, even in a competitive market, if productivity can be improved long-term, then long-term economic profits are still possible… The potential then for software as an incredible money making machine is there – even with competition. This is of course, only if productivity gains continue to outpace competition's lost margin.

Please comment and correct, I appreciate the debate!

Thank you,
Darshan Arney